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How to Win as a LifeGroup Leader

When you said yes to leading a LifeGroup, you said yes to something bigger than yourself. You said yes to leading and empowering people around you to grow closer to God and to others.

If we look at the life of Jesus and the relationships closest to Him, we’ll see lots of similarities to LifeGroups. Jesus had a small group of people, His 12 disciples, who He did life with. They traveled together, followed God together, shared meals together, and were with one another when life was easy, and when it was hard.

LifeGroups exist because we know we were not created to go through life on our own. We can see this at the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis 2:

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18 NIV

As a LifeGroup Leader, you’re creating an intentional space for people to find their people. And more than that, you’ll be able to share your life with others and grow spiritually together.

Here are three ways you can win as a LifeGroup Leader today.

1. Create a plan. It’s likely you have a reason you said yes to leading a LifeGroup. It might be because you want to have people to engage in Scripture with. Or maybe you have a strong desire to help new believers build a strong foundation for their faith. Perhaps you’re wanting to find people who are in a similar season of life as you.

As the leader of your group, it’s important that you have a vision and purpose for your time together—and writing a LifeGroup Plan puts your vision into words. Once you’ve written your plan, talk about it with your Community Leader.

2. Fill your LifeGroup. As your LifeGroup gets started, you’ll want to find people to join you. This might feel intimidating, so keep it simple—think about the people you already interact with. Who are those people you see on a regular basis? Coworkers, neighbors, and friends are all people who might be your future LifeGroup. So step out in faith and invite someone to join you.

3. Pray for your LifeGroup. Remember that God has called you to start this LifeGroup, and believe that He is preparing people to join your group. As you’re getting started, or if you’ve been leading for a while, take some time to intentionally pray for your people. A few things you can pray for are wisdom, discernment, and peace as a leader. And continue asking God to reveal His plans for your LifeGroup to you.

Think about it—you might be praying for people you haven’t even met yet. And your yes to leading a LifeGroup is going to be an answer to their prayers for community and belonging.

Remember: You are called to this. And you aren’t starting this journey alone.

Spend some time reflecting on these questions, and then make sure you’re talking about your answers with your Community Leader.