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Writing Your LifeGroup Plan


If you’re not French, or a literary nerd, you probably haven’t heard of Antoine. You likely didn’t know he wanted to be a pilot ever since he first flew at age 12. Or, that he fought in WWII, wrote classic novels, survived two plane crashes, and finally died doing what he loved. But, with this brief picture of his life, just about anyone would respect the quote above. Antoine didn’t just wish he could be a great pilot one day, he planned to be one, and he became one.

So, don’t just cross your fingers for a LifeGroup that makes a difference, plan on it. I’m not talking about deciding what you’re going to eat every time you get together for the next 37 weeks. Or about knowing how to tackle every LifeGroup obstacle so you can meet for a robot social—free of real humans and their problems. Having a plan for your LifeGroup is more about digging deep to discover and record the passions, strengths, ideas, and calling God has placed inside of you to lead others.

It’s amazing what can happen when you plan on it.

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