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By Jasmyn Stamper

Prayer is our first line of offense. Why do we treat it like our last line of defense? We often wait until we’re in the thick of it, in the middle of a storm, or hanging on by a thread before we pray. We also tend to pray more for help with hurts than we pray to give thanks for victories.

But prayer is powerful, and it’s especially powerful when we pray together.

Why is praying together so powerful and important?

  1. You’re inviting God and the Holy Spirit into the space. The book of Matthew literally tells us that where more than two people gather in Jesus’ name, He is with us. (Matthew 18:20, Acts 4:31)
  2. You’re getting closer and uniting as a group. You’re not supposed to carry burdens alone, and who doesn’t want to share their good news? Also, going back to Matthew 18, Jesus reminds us that when we come into agreement and pray together, anything we believe in and for is possible. (Matthew 18:18-19)
  3. You’re seeking God together. A great part of doing life together is getting closer to God together, and you all can do that through prayer. (James 5:13-16)
  4. You’re helping the group dynamics. After you pray together, conversations and later meetings may flow a little easier. You now have some talking points and conversation starters for when you see someone next.

In your LifeGroup, you can start treating prayer like an offensive play. You can pray, ask for God’s help, and thank Him for all He’s done together—as a LifeGroup.

So, how can you pray together?

  1. Circle up. You can all sit around your living room or at the cafe table. If you want, you can get in a literal circle and hold hands. Do whatever feels natural and comfortable.
  2. Share. Open up the floor for prayer requests and praise reports. If your group is still new or feeling each other out, you can ask everyone for one word. What’s one word that describes how we can pray for you?
  3. Pray. Bring your prayers and praise to God. And notice in the video how more than one person prays. One person doesn’t have to memorize everyone’s prayers; you can go around the circle and just pray for your neighbor.

Praying together doesn’t have to be weird, scary, or awkward. It’s beautiful, and it’s fun. You’re talking to God, and you’re doing it with friends. There’s no perfect formula or way to do it, so just be honest about what’s on your heart, and present your requests to God. Your prayers are powerful, and you can set the tone for a LifeGroup who goes boldly to God together!

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