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5 LifeGroup Resources You Need to Try

As you’re starting your LifeGroup, you may know exactly what you’re going to do during your time together. Or you may know why your LifeGroup is meeting but might be unsure of what you’ll talk about.

As the leader, you get to choose what content you lead your LifeGroup through. As you’re getting started, here are five resources you can keep in mind.

1. Connect with your Community Leader.
Your Community Leader is your most valuable resource because they’ve been in your shoes—they’ve had to choose how they’d lead their own LifeGroup, learned how to invite people to join them, and more.

Think of your Community Leader as a friend who encourages you to be your best, not just as a leader, but as a follower of Christ. If you haven’t had a chance to connect with your Community Leader yet, consider setting up a time to have lunch or coffee soon.

2. Check out the You’ve Heard It Said podcast.
This podcast is made with LifeGroups in mind, and it’s designed to be talked about. Each episode has stories and conversations about things like being good neighbors, spiritual disciplines, and more. Plus, there’s a Conversation Guide for every episode that includes a summary of what you heard, discussion questions, and next steps that you can take individually or as a LifeGroup.

You can find this podcast on any streaming platform. So find an episode you like, send it to your LifeGroup, and then talk about it when you’re at LifeGroup. You can even be notified when new episodes release and have the Conversation Guide delivered straight to your inbox.

3. Talk about the weekend message.
If you really enjoy a weekend message, you might choose to talk about that during your LifeGroup time together. We have a conversation guide called Talk It Over that includes all the Scriptures from the message, discussion questions, a Bible Plan, and next steps. This is a great resources to help you and your LifeGroup not just listen to the message but find ways to apply it to your lives, too.

You can find the most recent Talk It Over at: www.life.church/talkitover

4. Explore video content.
We have video series that can help you start building your relationships with the people in your LifeGroup, learn more about the Bible, and think about how you’ll serve together in your community.

There’s also content from some of Pastor Craig’s past message series over topics like doubt, relationships, and prayer. In these videos, he shares more context about the different messages, and gives you a few questions to talk about with your LifeGroup.

5. Read articles with tips and tricks for leading your LifeGroup.
As you start leading your LifeGroup, you’ll definitely want to check out articles that have been written just for you. There are posts that cover a variety of topics like navigating difficult conversations, growing your LifeGroup, icebreaker and game ideas, and so much more.

Remember: You don’t need to know everything to be a great LifeGroup leader. The goal isn’t to have the perfect discussion. The goal is the build relationships with the people in your LifeGroup.