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LC Parents Podcast Discussion Guides

by Sean McLean

The LC Parents Podcast is a monthly podcast where we get real about the struggles, victories, and laughs we share as parents.

We know that at times, parenting can bring challenges, isolation, and a lot of questions. Our hope is for you to gain confidence and find a community of other parents to surround yourself with as you lead your family closer to Christ. The podcast is hosted by the Life.Church NextGen team! We’ve created these downloadable discussion guides for you to take what you’re hearing each episode and put it into action for your family.

Some ideas for these discussion guides:

  1. Ask your friends, spouse, or LifeGroup to listen to each episode before meeting up together.
  2. Use the Conversation Guides to spark great discussion in your group. Oh, and don’t just talk about it. Take one of the suggested action steps from the Conversation Guides, too!

View or download the discussion guides at the links below!

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