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The Power to Change

by Leaders.Life Team

The Power to Change: Resources and Ideas for Your LifeGroup

Few things in life are more frustrating than knowing you need to change, trying to change, but not actually changing. It’s possible to find The Power to Change so you can start living the life you want.

Resources for When Your LifeGroup Meets

The Weekly Talk It Over Guide
This conversation guide is created to help you lead healthy conversations about the weekend message with your LifeGroup. You’ll find key Scriptures, discussion questions, and next steps based on the message. You can find this tool on the Life.Church media page by clicking on a message, and then clicking “Talk It Over.”

Take a Habit Inventory
Spend time talking with your LifeGroup about the habits you’re currently happiest with. Then, consider an area of your life that you’d like to focus on (and trust us—just pick one). How might the habits and routines that you already have help you make a healthy change in that area of your life?

Consider spending time writing out a game plan. Try using the HABITS method in this article. Share what you write with your LifeGroup. You might even find that there’s a habit you want to start as a LifeGroup, like reading the Bible or praying together.

Read Through The Power to Change Together

Pastor Craig’s book, The Power to Change, contains an in-depth look at understanding our habits and how we can master the habits that matter most. Each chapter has an individual reflection activity or journal prompt that you and your LifeGroup can work on throughout the week. Then, when you’re together, you can reflect on your answers and process them as a LifeGroup. This is a great way to find accountability and encouragement as you begin making small changes in your life.

If you want to take your conversations even deeper, you can grab the accompanying workbook. As a leader, you could use this as a guide for your conversations, or everyone in your LifeGroup could have a copy that they use throughout the week.

Resources for the Rest of the Week

The Power to Change Bible Plan

Find daily devotionals that go with this message series and book in this 7-day Bible Plan. You can go through this Plan with your LifeGroup by selecting the “With Friends” feature as you get started.

This feature makes it possible for everyone in your group to share their thoughts and reflections, helping you to learn from and grow with one another.

Follow Up During the Week

As your LifeGroup shares the different habits and changes they’re wanting to make in their lives, consider how you can support them as their leader. You might connect individually to see how new habits are going, or you could pray for your group as they work to break bad habits.

If you haven’t already, this is a great opportunity to get your LifeGroup into a group text or other messaging thread so you can encourage one another throughout the week.

Next Steps

More Books on Habits

If you love this series and want to dig even deeper into understanding habits, Pastor Craig has put together a list of 13 books you should check out. A few highlights from the list include Atomic Habits and The Power of Habit. You can find the full list here.

Talk About Spiritual Practices

Some of the best habits will bring you closer to Jesus. If there’s a specific spiritual practice that you or your LifeGroup would like to learn more about together, check out Season 8 of the You’ve Heard It Said podcast.

Listen before you meet, and then use the Conversation Guides—found in each episode’s Show Notes and at the bottom of this article—to talk about what you hear.

Listen to the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Pastor Craig’s podcast offers personal, practical, and powerful advice that will grow your leadership in every area of your life, not just with your LifeGroup. You can find his latest episode here.

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