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Three Reasons to Read the Bible With Others

You might have realized that the Bible isn’t a regular book. Whether you’ve been reading the Bible your entire life or you’re just getting started, there’s something about it that’s special. The Bible is God’s Word for us to get to know Him better—but it can also help us get to know His people better.

In the New Testament, we see many examples of the Scriptures being shared with crowds and groups of people. Jesus read Scripture aloud to people attending the synagogue in the town where he grew up. Paul encouraged the early churches through his letters, which would be read out to groups gathered in homes.

And while it’s a privilege and luxury to have the Bible in our own back pockets, it’s crucial that we’re studying God’s Word with others, too.

Here are three reasons to read the Bible with your LifeGroup:

1. You’ll discover new perspectives. God’s Word is alive and active. Maybe you’ve experienced this as you’ve read the Bible on your own, when a verse you’ve already highlighted a dozen times impacts you in a new and refreshing way. The same thing happens for the other people in your LifeGroup, and since we all have unique backgrounds, upbringings, and ideas, it’s likely that your perspective is going to be different than others in your group. The diverse thoughts that will come up can build your faith and deepen your understanding of who God is.

And if the idea of different perspectives makes you feel nervous, just remember the foundational truths that everyone agrees on. A few core ones to remember are:

You don’t have to see different perspectives as a threat to your faith or your friendships. Instead, they’re an opportunity for everyone to experience Christ more fully.

2. Everyone’s faith will grow. There are seasons in everyone’s life when it feels like faith is stagnant and struggling to grow. But when you’re reading the Bible together, you’re able to lift one another up in the times when it feels difficult to connect with God. We can continue to learn and grow together through the dry and tough times.

There will also be especially fruitful seasons in each person’s life that bring a deeper dive into God’s Word, and it’s helpful to have other people to process that with. The conversations won’t only help the one person, they’ll provide new perspectives for everyone else—ultimately growing everyone’s faith.

3. You’ll all be encouraged to apply what you read. When you’re engaging in Scripture together, you’ll gain perspectives that will grow and stretch your faith. In doing this, you might find new ways to live out the words you’re reading. Ultimately, this is what the Bible is all about: Putting our faith in action. And when taking action is uncomfortable or difficult, your LifeGroup can hold you accountable and encourage you as you all work to become more like Jesus.

Reading the Bible with others doesn’t replace studying God’s Word individually, but it will help your LifeGroup understand God more fully, and draw you closer together as you all grow in faith and action.