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Sisters 2021 Is Back! Here’s Everything Your LifeGroup Needs to Know

by Leaders.Life Team

Now more than ever, we’re realizing how much we need one another. But how do we fight for those relationships? We’re finding out in this year’s Sisters 2021 message from Pastor Amy Groeschel, and you and your LifeGroup won’t want to miss it.

Ultimately, we know that loving God and loving others are the two most important things we can focus on, but it’s so easy to allow the busyness of life to crowd out what matters most. That’s why Pastor Amy is challenging us to fight for relationships, develop humility, and Love Like Jesus.

We’re back to hosting in-person events at many of our Life.Church locations, and we’ll also host a Sisters Event at Life.Church Online. You and your LifeGroup can find dates, times, and more details at the link below. Make sure you plan to attend in person or online together, and invite all the women you know. Then, keep reading for some content you can go through as a LifeGroup.

Content for Your Sisters LifeGroup

Pastor Amy’s heart for Sisters is that her message would be the start of a conversation—not the end. So after you and your LifeGroup attend the event, we’ve got you covered with plenty of resources to help you dig into the topics and learn more together. Below are some options—curated by Pastor Amy—to help your LifeGroup really start applying what you’re hearing.

Bible Plans
Did you know you can do Bible Plans together as a LifeGroup? Using the Plans With Friends feature, it’s easier than ever before. Check out this article for some tips on how to leverage the Bible App, and here are some Plan suggestions to help your LifeGroup get talking throughout the week.

Podcast Content
Did you know that we create a podcast for LifeGroups called You’ve Heard It Said? Learn more about how to use it in your LifeGroup here. With 40 episodes and more coming soon, there’s something for every type of LifeGroup, and Sisters is no different. Check out these episode recommendations from Pastor Amy.

More Videos and Studies

Watch Party Tips

If you and your LifeGroup will attend the Sisters Event at Life.Church Online, consider having a group text thread going while you watch. Then, once you get to the discussion questions at the end, consider FaceTiming or calling one another so that you can talk about what you heard.

Also, if you and your LifeGroup are comfortable with it, consider having a watch party together as a LifeGroup! You could watch the Event together, then discuss. Want some more tips for hosting? Check out this article.

5 Sisters LifeGroup Tips

  1. Invite your LifeGroup to attend the 2021 Sisters Event together. Find times and dates at
  2. Be vulnerable. Fight the temptation to have surface-level conversation and really share about what’s going on in your life. Talk about what parts of the message convicted you, and share ways in which you all can support and encourage one another in this season.
  3. Having unity doesn’t mean we agree on everything. In fact, it’s likely that your LifeGroup is filled with people who have a variety of opinions on all sorts of topics. That’s okay! In fact, that’s a great thing. We can celebrate our differences and stay unified on the things that matter most. If a topic comes up that you’re not sure how to address together, stay calm. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and lead you, and check out this post for some tips on how to navigate it together as a group.
  4. Serve together! One of the best ways to build the relationships in your LifeGroup is by serving somewhere together. You might find a place where you can all serve on the weekend at church, or you can learn more about volunteering with a Local Mission Partner together.
  5. Pray for one another. Unsure how to pray as a LifeGroup? Check out this video for some tips. Prayer is such an important part of meeting together, so make sure you go before God together to lift up one another’s burdens and thank God for one another’s celebrations.

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