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Roots: Weeks 5-8

Parent Blurbs

Parent Blurb Week 5

This week during Roots, we focused on how God is love and that He loves us unconditionally. We talked with students about how we need to let God’s love overflow out of us into the lives of people around us. We encouraged them to focus on loving people unconditionally this week. Talk with your child about ways they know God loves them and practical ways they can love others unconditionally around them.

Parent Blurb Week 6

The focus of Roots this week was the battle between good and evil on the earth, and how it stems from a spiritual battle that is going on between good and evil—God and Satan. Students were asked to pay attention to how Satan can attack in their lives. We encouraged them to combat Satan’s attacks through prayer and reading the Bible. Talk with your child this week about ways they see evil in the world, but more importantly, ways they see God stepping in and working through it.

Parent Blurb Week 7

This week we talked about how Jesus is savior and how He died for our sins. We also looked at what sin is. Sin is anything that separates us from God and causes us to miss the mark on what He has for our lives. This week, talk with your child about ways that they feel like Jesus has saved them. Discuss what it looks like to live a life that is fully centered around Jesus.

Parent Blurb Week 8

This week we talked about who the Holy Spirit is and the role He plays in our lives. The Holy Spirit guides us, directs us, and leads us in the decisions we make. We challenged students to pay attention to ways the Holy Spirit is guiding and directing them. Talk with your student this week and help them discover the ways the Holy Spirit is leading and speaking to them in their own life.


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