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Post-Experience: Having Fun With Your Group!

by Amber Siany

At this point, the pre-experience is long done. The main experience is ending, and it’s time to transition to the final portion of a Switch experience: the post-experience.

When it’s time to sit in a small group and talk, some students feel a mixture of negative emotions. It may feel overwhelming to sit, chat, and participate in an intimate social time, or it might be difficult for them to understand and/or respond to the questions they’re being asked.

When every student is supported enough to feel safe, participate in, and communicate with their small groups, they’ll feel included and a part of their Switch community.

Use the strategies below to help your student feel safe and included so they can have a great experience with God and their peers too!

As Small Groups Gather Post-Experience

Encouraging Communication During Small Group Conversation

Encouraging Focus During Small Group Conversation

Above all, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. It may take time for your student to feel comfortable enough to open up. It may take time for your student to formulate and express things they’d like to share with the group. It may take time for your student to be able to sit with their group at all. All of these things are okay! You’re doing your part to help a student become comfortable and feel safe at Switch. God is working in and through you as you do.