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Main Experience: Having Fun in the Big Room!

by Amber Siany

Okay, you’ve finished up the hustle and bustle of the pre-experience, and now it’s time to transition to the main experience. The main experience is meant to be a fun, vibrant way for a group of students to learn in a large group who they are in Christ and how much He loves them. For some students, though, the large group, loud music, and bright lights can be uncomfortable and intimidating.

When every student is supported enough to feel safe and participate in the main experience, they feel included and know they have a place to belong in their Switch community.

Use the strategies below to help your student feel safe and included so they can have a great experience with God and their peers too!

When It’s Almost Time to Enter the Main Auditorium

In the Auditorium
Be sensitive to the student’s need to be included—or to have their space.

Offer Sensory Support as Needed

It may take time for your student to become comfortable with all the elements of a Switch experience—and that’s okay! You’re doing your part to help them feel included and safe. Trust that God is using you to accomplish what He wants to accomplish in the student you’re working with.