Help! People Don’t Show Up For LifeGroup - Life.Church Leaders

As LifeGroup Leaders, we’re passionate about the part we get to play in leading others to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We love the community and friendships. That’s why when people skip LifeGroup (or we’re the only ones who happen to show up) it can be frustrating.

Have you ever had that happen? I can remember multiple times when I cleaned my house and got everything ready for LifeGroup only to have no one show up that week. I was disappointed and probably let it get to my head too much, thinking, “Does anyone care? Am I doing a bad job leading? Is it because I smell bad or have a big nose?” I’m joking a bit (not about the nose), but if you’ve had that happen, you know it’s not a fun feeling.

If this is speaking to you—don’t worry! What I’ve learned is that there are certain things in my control that can help lead to increased consistency with my LifeGroup showing up. What are they?

Here Are 4 Keys to Keep ‘Em Coming

1. Talk About It
As a LifeGroup, talk openly about what schedule works best for everyone. If Mondays work better than Tuesdays, it may be time to make a switch. It’s also helpful to re-assess how frequently you want to meet. For some LifeGroups, it’s better to switch from bi-weekly to weekly, to help create a rhythm. For others, it’s better to switch from once a week to bi-weekly. You’ll want to talk openly with your LifeGroup about what schedule and frequency works best for everyone.

2. Actually Do Life Together
Engaging in conversation and relationships outside of LifeGroup is a great way to deepen relationships, which can help increase consistency. This could be as simple as having a group text and attending church at the same time together. Having hangout nights where you play board games, go to a movie, enjoy a potluck, or simply enjoy conversation is always fun, too.

I’ve found that some of the most fun a LifeGroup can have is through serving together. You could serve together on the weekend or Wednesday nights at church or at a local mission partner throughout the week. Serving together strengthens friendships and puts Christ at the center of the LifeGroup.

3. Give Others Ownership
Outside of great conversation and community, give the people in your LifeGroup another reason to come: leadership. When you empower your LifeGroup to help lead, you’re giving them ownership. No longer will your LifeGroup say they go to “The [LifeGroup Leader last name]’s LifeGroup,” rather they’ll describe your group as their LifeGroup. Why? Because they’ll have ownership.

You could empower someone in your LifeGroup to pray for dinner or lead through the discussion certain weeks. At my LifeGroup, we have a different couple bring the meal each week. Why? Because we’re cheap. However, it also has the added benefit of empowering the couples in our LifeGroup with a heightened level of ownership and belonging, which (you guessed it) results in better consistency.

4. Do-o-on’t Stop Belie-e-vin’
I have some encouragement for you: don’t stop believin’! God is working in and through your LifeGroup in more ways than you can see. Keep believing that God is at work in your LifeGroup and that He still has even more He wants to do. Don’t stop believing in the power of intentional community with other followers of Christ. God is at work in your LifeGroup at this very moment.

These four simple steps can help lead to a more consistent LifeGroup experience. I encourage you to pick one to focus on this month. Next month, focus on another one. Do this until they’re a part of the culture of your LifeGroup. With time, your LifeGroup will become more consistent, which means you’ll be closer and stronger than ever before.