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7 LifeGroup Ideas You Probably Haven’t Thought of

by Jason

You know how people like Pastor Craig get really strong? They consistently do the same things in different ways. Just like your LifeGroup gets together often, Pastor Craig works out often. Where you may differ is that people like Pastor Craig use varying workouts to challenge varying muscles each time they work out. To avoid getting technical, this works because it makes the muscles to try to get ready for anything that might come their way. Does this sound like something your LifeGroup needs? Keep reading, and as Steven Furtick would say, don’t stop on six.

  1. Attend a Church Online service together. But don’t just watch, participate in chat and interact with other online attenders. Also, you can discuss the message together as it’s happening! Who knows, you might just decide to go all out and volunteer for Church Online together sometime.
  2. Flip your LifeGroup. Ask yourself, what’s the opposite of how we normally do LifeGroup? If you normally get together in a home and have snacks while you talk, get together outdoors to accomplish a task or mission together. If you normally lead, choose a few weeks to be a listener. But don’t just tweak the norm—flip it.
  3. Join another LifeGroup. No, this isn’t permission to ditch your LifeGroup for another one! I mean get your group together with another group. The point is to do something consistent (LifeGroup) in a different way (joining with another LifeGroup).
  4. Meet in shifts. For married-couples groups, try meeting together in shifts. Guys can meet with guys while the gals get together somewhere else. You can schedule these to happen at the same time or different times. Then, the next week you all come together as couples. This setup makes for limitless options for destinations, conversations, and activities.
  5. Add someone new. Odds are, you’ve actually thought of this. But you probably thought of it as a way your group could help benefit someone else. What you may have overlooked is how adding someone new could benefit your group. Whether your group is feeling stale or not, it might be a good time to add someone new.
  6. Make a LifeGroup bucket list. Try this next time you gather. Simply make a list of what your group would like to do together before it … dies. Sounds morbid, but one day your group won’t meet together anymore. What do you want to accomplish together before then? What neighborhood do you want to help restore? What college football game do you want to attend? How many people do you want to introduce to Christ? What LifeGroup Discussions do you want to go through?
  7. Connect Locally. Okay, maybe you thought of this one, but have you tried it yet? Your campus has incredible opportunities for your group to connect to and serve people Jesus loves in your community. Some groups choose to spend one of their monthly gatherings volunteering together with a local partner. Others spend all of their time together this way. Ask your Community Leader how your group can Connect Locally.

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