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What’s an Experience Buddy and What’s a One-on-One Buddy?

Did you know there are two main roles a Buddy can fill? There is an experience Buddy and a one-on-one Buddy. Their training is the same, but their roles are slightly different. Let’s explore the differences and answer some common questions about these roles.

What’s an experience Buddy?
Experience Buddies work together with the coach for their experience. They do not have a specific child they’ve been paired with. They will push into any room that needs extra support.

How many experience Buddies do we need?
You’ll need at least one experience Buddy at each experience. If you have more, even better!

What is a one-on-one Buddy?
A one-on-one Buddy will work with just one child. They may work together with another Buddy to support a child, in other words, a Buddy might actually serve as two-on-one if a child has complex needs.

What if I’m a one-on-one Buddy and my special LifeKid doesn’t show up?
It can be difficult for a special LifeKid to attend regularly. The child may be sick more often than their peers or have anxiety issues that hinder their ability to make it to LifeKids every week. Don’t worry. You’re still needed!

  1. Reach out to the family. Let your special LifeKid know you missed them. Send their parent a text or a short video of you at LifeKids to say you’d love to see them again next week. Tell them something you’re proud of them for, like, “I heard you made it all the way to the parking lot this week, but you were feeling too anxious to come in. Next week, I can meet you out there and we can walk in together!” or, “I heard you’re sick. I pray Jesus helps you feel better fast!”
  2. Write a note. Send the child you work with a LifeKids note. Your child will feel your support when they receive it later in the week.
  3. Serve anyway. Reach out to your LifeKids staff and let them know. Having an extra on-call Buddy for any experience is a win for LifeKids. Let your experience coach know you’re available for any child who needs extra assistance.