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The Call

Know the Series

Figuring out God’s plan for our lives can seem overwhelming. But our calling in Christ may not be as complicated as we think. Through this four-week study from Amy Groeschel, we’ll unpack what our calling truly looks like and how we can practically live it out. Visit to get the four-week video series, discussion guide, Bible Plan, and more.

Talk About It

Let Amy Groeschel lead your Sisters LifeGroup! Each week, use the icebreaker questions on your Leader Guides to kick off your discussion. Then, you can watch the 10-15 minute video that goes along with each week. In those videos, Amy will offer teaching points you can discuss among your group.

The Call Bible Plan

Along with the four-week study, there’s also a Bible Plan you and your group can go through using Plans with Friends in the Bible App. Challenge your LifeGroup to complete it together.

5 The Call LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Invite your group to attend the 2018 Sisters Event together. Find the event times for your campus at
  2. As you go through The Call study individually, send encouraging texts to your group. Challenge each other to keep going through the study every day for the full four weeks.
  3. Create a playlist for each of the worship songs listed on The Call leader guides. Share it with your group so they’ll be prepared for each week.
  4. Dig deeper by reading more Sisters articles at Just search, “Sisters,” to find more great resources about living out your calling.
  5. Consider going through the previous two Sisters studies, The Pursuit and The Hope, if you haven’t already.