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The Art of Watching Movie and Music with Preschoolers (Part 2)

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You’re halfway through watching Movie and Music with your small group of preschoolers. Is it possible to continue enjoying the movie with your small group, transition to worship, then transition back to the movie without pulling your hair out? Yes, it is! Watch the video below and read on for some helpful tips and tricks.

Watch This
Here’s your chance to watch Movie and Music in action! Observe kids in their small groups interacting with one another, their small group leader, the video, and worship music as they enjoy Movie and Music from the Bible story through the end. Kids ages 2 through Kindergarten are included, so no matter which Early Childhood room you serve in, there’s something for you in this video!

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Read These Tips

  1. Switch-a-roos. Sometimes kids switch groups mid-movie. After you’ve invested time connecting with them and being their leader, what do you do about it?
    • Don’t take it personally. They may just have seen a friend or had a need to move their body. Don’t disrupt other kids just to bring them back.
    • Keep an eye out. If they move to another group and are still watching the movie well, leave it be. But if they switch groups and start distracting other kids, bring them back.
    • Wait until later. Once the group has moved onto Picture Passes or Story Time, ask your friend to come back and give your group another go. They may want to rejoin you by then.
  2. Bring kids back. There are many opportunities to interact with the video through motion, music, and repetition. Look for those moments, participate yourself, and lead your kids to do the same.
    • Try to answer the questions on-screen characters ask.
    • Make guesses about the Picture Passes.
    • Recite the Bible verse with motions when it’s time.
    • Sing along and keep the beat with Mr. Music.
  3. Have fun with music. Music is a major favorite with a lot of kids! Once it’s time to sing, dance, and worship God together, keep these tips in mind so music stays orderly and fun!
    • Keep the beat. When you sing along with Mr. Music’s teaching song, lead kids to clap, tap their hands on their knees, sway back and forth, or let a kid tap your hand.
    • Praise. Compliment kids who participate in singing and dancing.
    • Give direction. Encourage kids to follow the actions of the animated figure during worship time.
    • Maintain boundaries. Kids can make up their own moves, but running, holding hands while spinning around recklessly, or wild breakdancing can end up in more crying than singing.
    • Move kids. If a child in your group doesn’t want to participate, don’t worry. Move them to a place that’s out of the way so the other kids don’t accidentally step on or trip over them.
  4. Re-form small groups. Music time is fun and active, and some kids take a few minutes to go back to sitting for the end of the video. No worries! Try these tips to make the transition a smooth one.
    • Hold hands with all the kids in your group and saying, “Let’s sit down on three. Ready? One, two, three!” Then sit down together.
    • Ask your kids if they’re sitting close enough to touch your knee.
    • Pretend you just heard Emily say something really interesting to redirect focus back to the screen. “Did you hear that? What did Emily just say?”
    • When the Bible verse begins, encourage your kids to do the motions along with Emily. Point to the screen and say, “Look, friends! It’s our last chance to do the verse with Emily!”
    • Give positive attention, like high fives and a quick, “Good job!” when kids settle down.

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Think About This
Use the last scene of the video as a tool to keep kids busy as you help everyone settle back into small groups. The first few minutes are review to occupy kids who settle quickly, giving you the freedom to bring back any stragglers. By the time Movie and Music is over, everyone should be near their small group leader and ready to move onto Picture Passes!

Talk It Over
Now that you’ve read a few tips and watched a video, help the info stick! Talk over these questions with your Coach or a LifeKids staff member. Share what you’ve learned with other leaders in your room!

  1. What is your biggest challenge with worship time? Which of the tips do you think might help?
  2. Have you ever seen a kid “come alive” during the music portion of the video? Share their story.
  3. What advantages are there in getting involved in the actions, chatting, reciting, and singing during Movie and Music time?
  4. What advice do you have to share for refocusing kids during the last scene of the video?