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How the Small Groups Thing Got Started (Plus a New Bible Plan)

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You’ve probably met people who follow Christ, found breakthrough, or found healing because of a small group they were a part of. You might even be one of those people or lead one of those groups. But, what if we told you that every single Christian owes their faith to a single small group of ordinary people? Some had families. Some were white-collar workers and others were blue. However, all of them committed everything to further the faith together, and the results are immeasurable.

Yes, you’re tracking. Jesus and His disciples were the first LifeGroup. They laughed together, traveled everywhere together, learned together, served together, prayed together, and in a very real and non-cliché way, they changed the world together.


Does that sound like your small group? When you pray, do people find healing and breakthrough? When you live out your week, do you constantly find yourself and your group drawing people to the faith? When you meet, do you feel like a support group trying to catch your breath from all of the incredible and taxing experiences of sharing Christ’s love and power throughout the week?


When Jesus looked at His disciples, He didn’t see a super spiritual dream team or a super comfortable suburban crew. He saw a little piece of the world. Despite—or maybe because of—their ordinary status, He had plans to recover the entire world through them. When you look at your group, what do you see? How does this reflect your vision for your group? What is God’s vision for your group?

Like what you’re reading? This is an excerpt from the Small Groups, Huge Growth Bible Plan.

Pray: God, am I leaving anything on the table as a LifeGroup leader? Do You have something bigger for my group? Today, I invite the Holy Spirit to open my heart and eyes to what You want to do in and through our group. Amen.

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