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Roots: Weeks 29-32

Parent Blurbs

Parent Blurb Week 29

This week at Roots we talked about responsibility. We encouraged students to take on the responsibilities they have now and do them well because that will lead to more and greater responsibilities later on. This week, sit with your child and talk with them about the responsibilities they are handling well and which ones you need them to step up more. Also, talk to them about greater responsibilities they can have later on if they do well with what they have now.

Parent Blurb Week 30

Today we talked about serving. Serving others can be one of the most rewarding things we do in our lives because God created us to serve and help others out. When we serve we are living the way He intended us to live. This week spend some time talking with your child about different ways they can serve others.

Parent Blurb Week 31

This week in Roots we talked about evangelism. Evangelism literally means “to bring good news.” It’s not about trying to convert someone to a specific religion or to trying to get someone to believe what you believe. It’s about sharing the good news that God loves us so much. This week, talk with your child about how they know God has done things in their life. Help them to think though how they can share those things–and what evangelism could look like for them.

Parent Blurb Week 32

In this final week we talked about how we have learned and grown a lot through this past year in Roots. As the students were leaving, we encouraged them to make the journey their own now and to go and live the life God intended for them to live. In order to for them to do this, they need to begin to discover how to feed themselves spiritually. Spend some time with your child and help them create some action steps to grow their own faith and develop spiritual disciplines in their life.


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