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Roots: Weeks 1-4

Parent Blurbs

Parent Blurb Week 1

This week we talked about diving into this adventure called Roots. Ask your child what they are most excited about participating in this new program and what they are most scared about. Your child learned that they’ll get out of it what they put into it. So this week, challenge and encourage them to try to have a positive attitude about all the things that are going on in their lives (school, extra curricular activities, etc.) and to fully dive into those things.

Parent Blurb Week 2

This week at Roots we established a foundation for how real God is by talking about gravity. We have faith and trust in gravity even though we can’t see it or feel it. Just because we can’t see or feel something doesn’t mean that it’s not there or doesn’t exist. This force determines the way we live. Gravity works better on items with more mass—the “heavier” we rely on God in our lives, the more we will experience Him. Help your child this week pay attention to all the ways God is real and shows up in their lives. If it helps, have them write them down throughout the week.

Parent Blurb Week 3

This week we talked about how the Bible is true and accurate. This is how awesome the Bible is:

And it all came together, fit perfectly, and tells one seamless story about God! Isn’t that awesome?

So this week encourage your child to dive into reading their Bible. They can start or continue with the Bible memory card. We also mentioned that they could read a chapter from the book of Proverbs a day, which would take them one month to complete. Also, as your child is reading their Bible, dialogue with them about what they are learning and how they can apply it to their lives.

Parent Blurb Week 4

This week we really got to spend some time thinking about how God created everything and about how much He cares for His creation. We have encouraged everyone this week to look for God in creation. Help your child identify the ways God is all over creation. We also challenged them to take an active role in caring for God’s creation. This includes recycling and picking up trash when they see it. Maybe a good place to start is by cleaning up their room. What do you think about that–can I get an amen? Help them find ways to be actively involved in caring for God’s creation.


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