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You lead your LifeGroup because you live out the idea that life is better together with friends. Sometimes, however, the with friends part doesn’t happen at first. If your LifeGroup is in a season like that, we’ve got you covered.

Quick Tips for Becoming Friends with Your LifeGroup

Eat a meal. Food has always brought people together. Look at Jesus’ life. He chose to eat a meal with His disciples in one of His last moments on earth—before He was crucified and resurrected. After Jesus was resurrected and ascended into heaven, the Bible tells us one of the things the disciples did was devote themselves “to the breaking of bread.” (Acts 2:42)

Here’s the truth: people like food. It’s that simple. Another truth is that people start becoming friends over food. Somehow conversations become easier when food comes into the picture. Think about adding snacks to your LifeGroup. A different person can bring them each time you meet. Try having a potluck dinner once a month. Or maybe you can meet at a restaurant every once in a while. It’s seems too simple, yet somehow, eating together helps create friendships.

Share your stories. Has anyone ever asked you about your life story? Most people love to share their life. When we do, our vulnerability and honesty builds trust and connection with our LifeGroup. Having a night to join together as a LifeGroup and share testimonies is a powerful and moving way to become fast friends with your LifeGroup. Want to take it to the next level? Set aside several weeks of your LifeGroup’s time together for sharing. Each week, ask two people from your group to come ready to tell their life story. Don’t make it complicated—just share the highs, lows, and what made you the person you are today.

Serve the Church (and your community). Some of the most fun a LifeGroup can have is serving together. You could serve together on the weekend or Wednesday nights at church, or at a local mission partner throughout the week. Also, think of ways you can randomly show up and serve each other through a hand-written card, an encouraging text, a thoughtful gift, or some other way. Serving together is not only fun, but it also can help deepen relationships and strengthen friendships.

Divide your connections. Your LifeGroup can form special connections through dividing into smaller groups once in a while. If you have a co-ed or married LifeGroup, you may try dividing into guys and gals for a part of every LifeGroup or even just once a month. These smaller groups can help open up more meaningful conversation and connection. You can also encourage the people in your LifeGroup to meet up for coffee or lunch every few weeks, one-on-one. These smaller points of contact can make a big difference in your LifeGroup.

Have some fun! Finally, have fun! Life is often serious, so it’s good to let loose and enjoy light-hearted conversations and activities at LifeGroup. You could have a game night, a movie night, an out-and-about night in the city, or a weekend camping trip. Find whatever fun fits your LifeGroup, and have a great time together!

If you’re able to eat a meal, share your stories, serve the Church, divide your connections, and have some fun with your LifeGroup, then the people in it will soon become friends.

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