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by Leaders.Life Team

Miracles: Resources and Ideas for Your LifeGroup

Are you facing something so overwhelming that only miracle can change it? Do you even believe in miracles? They’ve happened before and can happen again. Let’s experience them together in our new series, Miracles.

Resources for When Your LifeGroup Meets

The Weekly Talk It Over Guide
This conversation guide can help you lead conversations about the weekend message with your LifeGroup. You’ll find key Scriptures, discussion questions, and next steps based on the message. Find this tool on the Life.Church media page by clicking on a message, and then clicking “Talk It Over.”

Discuss the Miracles You Need
Talk with your LifeGroup about the miracles you’re praying for. Your requests might feel really big or super small, but what you’re going through matters to God. Spend time praying together and ask God to act.

Then, share one of these Finds.Life articles with your LifeGroup and talk about what you read:

Listen to Season 4 of the You’ve Heard It Said Podcast
Season 4 explores how God changes our lives, especially during the circumstances that feel impossible. Share an episode with your LifeGroup before you meet, so you can talk about what you heard when you’re together. You can also find the corresponding Conversation Guides at the bottom of this article or in the show notes wherever you’re listening.

Resources for the Rest of the Week

The Miracles of Jesus Bible Plan

While Jesus walked on earth, He performed more miracles than we’ll ever know about. He healed the sick, brought people back to life, and did extraordinary acts that left onlookers speechless. Read about five of the miracles Jesus performed in this 5-day Bible Plan.

You can go through this Plan with your LifeGroup by selecting the “With Friends” feature as you get started. This feature makes it possible for everyone in your group to share their thoughts and reflections, helping you to learn from and grow with one another.

Follow Up During the Week

As your LifeGroup shares the different miracles they’re praying for, consider how you can support them as their leader. You might connect individually to see how they’re doing, or you could pray for your group as they continue believing in God to work wonders.

If you haven’t already, this is a great opportunity to get your LifeGroup into a group text or thread so you can encourage one another throughout the week.

Next Steps

Watch When Pigs Fly

If you loved this series and want to learn more about miracles of deliverance, healing, protection, or provision, check out the message series, When Pigs Fly. This 4-week series will help you find hope and encouragement to pray for the impossible.

When You Don’t Know the Answer

Are you ever asked questions you have no idea how to answer? Or questions that you don’t feel equipped or qualified to answer? This article has some tips and advice for answering hard questions. And remember: You can always talk to your Coach and look for answers together.

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