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Here Are Some Simple Tips for Answering Hard Questions

by admin

First of all, a theology degree is totally not required to lead a LifeGroup. And you definitely don’t have to have all the answers. Okay, let’s talk about some simple tips for answering hard questions.

We’ve all been there. We’re sitting around with our LifeGroup, discussing last week’s message when someone, probably Steve (there’s always a Steve), asks a hard question, and you find yourself like a deer in headlights searching for the answer.

Too often as LifeGroup leaders we feel like we need to know “all of the things” and have all the answers. But some of the best conversations are a result of not having the answer. Actually, if we can humble ourselves in front of our LifeGroup by admitting we don’t know, that’s a big head start to creating an environment where others feel encouraged and empowered to find answers together. Which happens to be exactly what we’re tasked with as LifeGroup leaders.

Jesus is a clear example of a leader who often answered a difficult question with another question. Doing so allowed those around Him to discover an answer for themselves. Jesus knew that when people play a part in discovering the truth, they’re much more likely to apply it to their lives. Here’s what’s crazy—Jesus actually did have all the answers, yet He still favored asking questions!

So this is good news, right? We don’t need know everything to lead a LifeGroup closer to Christ. Actually, the Bible is filled with stories of how God used imperfect people to lead others. Which is exactly what He’s doing with you.

Here are 3 simple tips for answering hard questions.

  1. Admit you don’t know. It’s okay to let your group know that you don’t know the answer. You could even say, “You know what, I don’t know, but I’ll look into it and get back to you.” Remember, one of the greatest benefits of being in community is the ability to be authentic, not perfect.
  2. Share resources where people can find answers. As a LifeGroup leader, you have a bunch of resources at your disposal in order to set you and your LifeGroup up for success. Remind your group to use the Bible App, search topics at, review the Life.Church What We Believe page, and watch through past message series.
  3. If appropriate, ask the group. There might be someone in the group who knows the answer! Do this, and you’re on your way to developing future LifeGroup Leaders!

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