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All the Things You Need to Know About Sisters 2020: Rise Up and Stand Firm

by Amber Siany

We can all agree that this year has been … well … interesting. But no matter how many changes we faced this year, we can embrace the truth that our God never changes. He is with us. He is for us. And He is working all things together for good. So, in this year’s first-ever online Sisters Event, Pastor Amy Groeschel will give us a timely message of hope and encouragement, challenging us all to rise up and stand firm in our faith—no matter what trials come our way.

Through an in-depth look at the book of 1 Peter, we’ll discover how to have an eternal perspective, how to love others more deeply, and how to process our worries, uncertainties, and fears with a loving God who isn’t surprised by any of it.

We won’t have in-person Sisters Events at any of our Life.Church locations, but we will have a special, online-only Sisters Event for the global body of Christ to enjoy together. You and your LifeGroup can be a part of it however you feel comfortable. You might consider having a watch party together. You could have a video chat on one screen while you watch the message on another. Or you can watch the message and then talk about it afterward. However you decide to participate, you won’t want to miss Pastor Amy’s powerful message.

Rise Up and Stand Firm: A Study of 1 Peter Bible Plans
Let Pastor Amy lead your LifeGroup through the book of 1 Peter over four weeks by going through all four YouVersion Bible Plans together using Plans With Friends. In each Plan, she’ll start off with a video, and there will be discussion questions to get you thinking about how to apply what you read.

Through these Bible Plans, you and your LifeGroup will be challenged to grow in your knowledge of God, expand your love for Him and others, and gain the courage you need to live out the truth of Scripture in every season—especially the difficult ones.

Each Bible Plan is called Rise Up and Stand Firm: A Study of 1 Peter (Part #). There are four parts. After you finish, you can also use the link below to find Pastor Amy’s other Bible Plans, too.

Content for Your Sisters LifeGroup
Looking for more studies and content to lead your LifeGroup through? We have what you need! Check out our newest and favorite Sisters studies to spark great LifeGroup conversations.

5 Sisters LifeGroup Tips:

  1. Consider having a watch party for your LifeGroup as you all watch the Sisters Event together. If that’s not an option for you right now, you can have a digital watch party! Find all the Event dates and times here:
  2. Since you’ll already be in the Bible App to complete the four Bible Plans, explore some other features in the App that you and your LifeGroup can use together. Consider keeping track of prayer requests right in YouVersion by using the new Prayer feature, and check out this article for some more ways to leverage the Bible App in your LifeGroup.
  3. Grow together all week long by checking out some Sisters articles at Just search “Sisters” to find more stories of everyday women who have experienced our extraordinary God.
  4. Be vulnerable. This year has been challenging for all of us. Fight surface-level conversation by leading with vulnerability. Spend time asking everyone how they’re really doing this year, and take time to pray over each person’s prayer requests.
  5. Serve together. If you and your LifeGroup feel comfortable, consider signing up to serve together at your Life.Church location or at the same Church Online service. You could also choose to serve with a Local Mission Partner in your community.

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