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Which LifeGroup are You?

Below, I’ve listed seven types of LifeGroups. Is your group one of these? Or maybe you’re LifeGroup type seven. Take a moment to think about what kind of LifeGroup you are and what kind of LifeGroup you want to be. This will help you firm up your vision for your LifeGroup.

  1. The LifeGroup for life. Your group has known each other since before churches ever referred to your friendships as a LifeGroup. You’re not just a LifeGroup—you’re family. More than that, you’re like the Mafia minus crime and add spiritual growth. You might not even have a specific night of the week you meet because it seems like you’re always getting together.
  2. The support group LifeGroup. You’ve supported each other through difficult life seasons. You may have met because you all have foster kids, or your homes were destroyed by tornadoes, or you’ve experienced freedom from a life-altering addiction. Either way, you’re in a LifeGroup together because when you need it most, these people understand you. You probably love sharing finds.life.church posts with each other during the week.
  3. The “whoops” LifeGroup. You weren’t planning to be a LifeGroup. First it was just two of you, but one by one you grew. Your families might look like this too! Over time, your gatherings became more regular until one week your LifeGroups Pastor was like, “Hey, you should become a LifeGroup.” Then all of a sudden, you started getting called a LifeGroup leader.
  4. The serving LifeGroup. You serve together every week at your campus or with a local missions partner. You realized one day that you all liked each other. So, you started hanging out every once in a while in addition to serving. Now you serve each other through meaningful relationship.
  5. The Talk It Over LifeGroup. Each week’s message comes right on time for your group. You can’t wait to get together to talk about how it’s playing out in your life. You probably read through the series Bible Plans together, and go through all the LifeGroup Discussions you can find. Heck, you could probably create LifeGroup curriculum at this point!
  6. The Long-term Short-term LifeGroup. You started as a short-term LifeGroup and, well, you’re still going. Good for you!
  7. The _________________ LifeGroup. What kind of LifeGroup are you? What brought you together? What are you great at accomplishing? How are you changing the world around you?