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What Is Konnect? Why Does It Matter?

by Amber Siany

Konnect is church for kids in the 1st-3rd grade. It’s a “lead small” experience where kids connect with each other, connect with leaders, and connect with God. Find out how you can lead small in Konnect!

Watch This:
Watch this video to see some of the benefits of leading small in Konnect:

Check Out These Tips:
What Does It Mean to “Lead Small”?
Leading small takes a big group and breaks it up to make it small. The same few kids sit with the same small group leader every week to build relationships. The basic philosophy is that kids who are known and loved by God’s people can learn they are known and loved by God.

How Leading Small Helps Kids

How Leading Small Helps Leaders

How Leading Small Helps Parents

Talk It Over:
Now that you’ve watched a video and read a few tips, help the info stick! Talk over these questions with your experience coach or a LifeKids staff member. Share what you’ve learned with other leaders in Konnect!

  1. The list of benefits above isn’t all-inclusive. What do you think are some other ways leading small helps kids, leaders, and parents?
  2. What makes the most sense to you about leading small? What are some things you still have questions about?
  3. What do you think might be difficult about leading small? Talk about it with an experienced leader or staff member, and see what tips and tools they know that might make it easier.

A special thank you to Orange and the reThink Group for their ideas and research on their “lead small” philosophy referenced in this article.