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What Is a Peer Mentor—And What Do They Do?

So, maybe you’ve signed up to be a peer mentor to a student who is struggling to find their place at Switch. Maybe they have a disability, a different way of being, or a difficult life situation. Whatever the reason, there are students out there who need a role model like you. But, what does that mean, exactly? And what will it look like? It comes down to one question: Can you be a good friend?

If you answered yes, then you’ve got what it takes to be a peer mentor! Peer mentors are students who choose to befriend someone who might otherwise feel left out, unsure of what to do at Switch, or anxious about attending Switch alone. Here are some ways you can help.

Before Switch Starts

The student you’re mentoring might be anxious before Switch starts. Why? They may be afraid of being around their peers, saying or doing something stupid, or getting ditched. Do these things before Switch to help them calm anxiety:

During Switch

The basics? Help your student feel like they’re an important part of the Switch community—because they are!

During the Rest of the Week

Text, email, phone, or talk in person if you can. Ask what you can pray about. Share funny memes or a great Bible verse.

Always Remember

If a student you’re mentoring does something that is hard for you to deal with, makes you very uncomfortable, or upsets you, ask an adult Switch Support leader or an adult Switch leader for help.