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Welcome to Switch Support!

The best part of being a Switch leader is connecting with students to show them how much Jesus loves them regardless of their background, social skills, emotional needs, sensory needs, cognitive abilities, or physical abilities. But some students need more support than an individual small group leader can give—in the form of taking a break, showing a student what’s expected of them, helping them use sensory calming and focusing items as needed, and much more.

You, as a Switch Support leader, work with campus staff to identify students who need extra support and step in to help them so that every Switch student is valued, taught, and loved uniquely in the same way God uniquely loves each of us.

Want to know a little about the kinds of challenges some of the students you might work with are facing? Read more about that here. Wonder what you’ll actually do each week? Keep reading! Here are some of the ways you’ll use the gifts of flexibility, problem-solving, patience, and love God’s given you.

What Will I Do as a Switch Support Leader?

The bottom line? You’ll get to know the students you work with and what they respond to best. You’re becoming the support a student needs in order for them to feel included and safe enough to let down their guard and join their peers as they follow Christ together.