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Travel Light

Travel Light for Your LifeGroup

In a crowded, busy holiday season, it’s common for people to feel weighed down by family relationships, financial pressure, regret, or failure. This series will help people see that the weight they feel comes from things God never asked them to carry. His solution is simple: Let go of the baggage and travel light.

Get everything you need to prepare for LifeGroup during this new series running December 1-31.

Use the App for LifeGroup

There are LifeGroup videos, posts, and even weekly Talk It Over questions in the Life.Church app! If you already have the app, be sure to turn on push notifications so you don’t miss anything amazing.

Talk It Over

The weekly Talk It Over guide is basically everything you need to lead your next LifeGroup through a Christ-centered conversation about the most recent message. You can find it in the Life.Church App and at Or, maybe you just want to get it in your inbox weekly.

Read the Travel Light Bible Plan

This series is all about letting go of the things that slow you down. But this new Bible Plan is something worth adding to your already full December. The refreshing strength and peace of God’s Word is the perfect way to launch into the holiday season.

5 Travel Light LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Are you a LifeGroup with blended families? Here’s a great post to read together.
  2. Think about throwing a Christmas or New Year’s party with your LifeGroup—especially if some of your LifeGroup doesn’t have family around.
  3. If you’re a LifeGroup with kids, think about adding some of these traditions to teach the meaning of Christmas.
  4. It’s always a great idea to read the series Bible Plan as a group. It’s a surprisingly powerful way to stay connected to each other and God’s truth throughout the week.
  5. If 5 LifeGroup ideas aren’t enough, here are 12 more LifeGroup ideas for the Holidays.