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The You’ve Heard It Said Podcast Is Back—Here’s What That Means for Your LifeGroup

by Wesley Jackson

We can all agree that 2020 wasn’t the year any of us were planning. But what if we don’t have to constantly be stressed out, worn out, or emotionally drained? What if there’s something better than getting back to normal? What if, instead, we created a better normal all together?

In season 2 of the You’ve Heard It Said podcast, we’re exploring the concept that we can emerge from 2020 with some better, healthier ways to live our lives. Not sure what the podcast is? Check out this post for a cheat sheet on how you can use this tool in your LifeGroup to spark meaningful conversations.

Whether your LifeGroup has been meeting in person or online, everyone’s wondering how to process all of the changes this year has brought. Let’s talk about them together. In this season, we’ll discover healthy ways to process stress and anxiety, how we can rest well, find a healthier balance with social media and technology, embrace true vulnerability, and uncover how to steward our money wisely.

Every episode comes with a Conversation Guide so that all you have to do is facilitate the discussion and create space for people to share their honest, unfiltered thoughts. You can find all of the Conversation Guides below, or you can subscribe here to get them delivered straight to your inbox each week.

We hope you and your LifeGroup listen to the episodes and do what you’ve heard said. We don’t just want you to hear the episodes. We want you to talk about them and to take action on them. That’s why every episode also has an action step you can challenge your LifeGroup to take together.

We’re so thankful for the way you are investing in your LifeGroup. We need each other now more than ever, and we hope these episodes fuel your faith and enrich your conversations.

Get the Season 2 Conversation Guides:
P.S. Have you gone through Season 1 as a LifeGroup yet? If not, check out this post to download Conversation Guides for the first six episodes.

Episode 7: A Healthier Way to Process Stress
Episode 8: Feeling Exhausted? This Might Be What You Need Right Now
Episode 9: How to Have a Healthy Relationship With Social Media
Episode 10: This Couple Paid Off $55,000 in Debt While Traveling and Giving
Episode 11: A College Football Coach on Vulnerability
Episode 12: Let’s Talk About Dating in 2020*

*Note: Episode 12 is special Collective takeover episode. It’s geared toward young adults, but anyone can benefit from hearing this open conversation about what it’s like to date in 2020. Learn more about Collective.

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