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Sisters: The Pursuit – A New Small Group Study from Amy Groeschel

by Kristen Cox

As a kid, swimming was my favorite pastime. Summer afternoons would find my friends and me at our small town swimming pool escaping the Midwestern heat together in that cool, refreshing water. To us, the pool was summer. I planned my days around those summer afternoon pool sessions, getting my chores done early and making sure nothing got in the way of my time in the sun. But my mom had a very firm rule: no swimming unless it was at least 80 degrees outside.

Most of the time, that rule was no problem. Northern Missouri summer days routinely soar above the 80-degree mark like a home-run hit at a Kansas City Royals game – or like my heart when 2:00 finally rolled around each day and it was time to head to that rectangle of clear blue happiness.

But one overcast day, the temps stubbornly refused to move past 78 degrees. At 2:00, my friends – unencumbered by mom’s rule – headed to the pool. But true to her word, mom refused to let me join them. I was inconsolable. I just knew they were all having fun without me, and I was missing out. I begged and pleaded, but mom wouldn’t budge. I grew more and more desperate. “Mom, pleeeeeze! I want to go to the pool. I need it!”

What do you need? Better yet, what do you think you need? For some of us, the answer to that question might be very long and include things like money, recognition, career advancement, love, acceptance … and the list would likely go on from there. For others, that question might be harder to answer. It might help to remember a simple truth. We pursue what we believe we need.


Many of us know we need God. We even say we need Him. But are we truly, desperately pursuing Him? In Sisters: The Pursuit, Amy Groeschel reminds us of our truest, deepest need – a vibrant, thriving relationship with the God who created us, knows us, loves us, and pursues us.

Here are 3 ways to lead your group to pursue the God who pursues us.

  1. Go through Sisters: The Pursuit study (Coming Soon) with your small group. The weekly video teachings, Talk It Over questions and study guide will have your group pursuing God in new ways. This study is loaded with great insights from Amy about how to grow to know God more intimately by making him the focus of every day.
  2. Subscribe to the Bible plan. Committing together to pursue God through scripture is a great way to strengthen and deepen your relationships with God and with each other. And bonus – your small group discussions will be richer for it!
  3. Make time. Great relationships don’t happen accidentally. They are developed over time as we intentionally create opportunities to get to know each other. Our relationship with God is no different. Challenge your group to plan intentional moments to pursue intimacy with God as they live out each day. Invite them to share their ideas and experiences with the group each week to challenge others in their pursuit.

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