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Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt

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Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt for Your LifeGroup

The people we love the most can wound us the deepest. We hold onto grudges, refuse to forgive, and build up walls to keep the pain away. But healing can’t start until you break down those barriers and learn to love like you’ve never been hurt.

Here’s everything you need for your LifeGroup during this new message running April 28-30.

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5 LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Start the Belong LifeGroup experience.
  2. Plan something outside! Whether it’s just a quick get-together or a weekend away, take advantage of nice weather while you can.
  3. Do some LifeGroup spring cleaning. Ask your group what they love about LifeGroup and what they wish was different. Talk openly as a group about where you’re headed.
  4. Use one of these ideas for getting involved in your community.
  5. Do you pray together as a group? If not, get the hang of it with this video.

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