So Your LifeGroup Wants to Get Involved in the Community? - Life.Church Leaders

Looking for great ways for your LifeGroup to get involved in community? Look no further!

If your LifeGroup enjoys kids, spend some time at the local children’s hospital or maybe get involved at a local school. If your LifeGroup enjoys animals, spend a Saturday at your local animal shelter. If your LifeGroup enjoys hospitality and caring for others, spend an afternoon engaging in Bible study with residents of a local nursing home. I could keep going, but I think you and your group are just as good at coming up with ideas as I am.

Here’s what’s great: Your Life.Church campus has already done some of the work for you. They’ve found and partnered with excellent local organizations that are doing amazing work where you live! All you have to do is find one of the local partners for your campus here, then reach out and get involved.

Do you feel like your group needs a little inspiration? Start the How to Neighbor LifeGroup videos and Bible Plan with Pastor Craig.

When you serve others, you’re acting like Jesus, and that’s how we lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ!

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