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Is LifeGroup Feeling Stale? Here’s How to Spice Things Up!

By: Jillian Zavacky

Okay, so you have this great idea to meet with other people in your stage of life and go over the Talk it Over notes from the messages each week. You meet with your Community Leader to get started, post a photo of your Info Wall card on your Facebook page, and then wait. Pretty soon people start coming, and your LifeGroup starts getting traction. You’re meeting new friends that you’re laughing, growing, and maybe even serving with.

But what happens when LifeGroup isn’t fun or exciting anymore? Somewhere along the way, leading a LifeGroup gets mundane. People start canceling. Life starts getting busy. You’re not always sure what to talk about with your members, and honestly, you’re not sure you’re even good at this. You start questioning whether or not you want to continue leading your group anymore.

I sure hope you’re not in this boat right now. But if you’re reading this and you’re anywhere along this spectrum in your journey as a LifeGroup Leader, I want you to know that you’re not alone. And better yet, this is all perfectly normal. Let me explain.

Most things in life are evolving and changing, and that includes your LifeGroup.

There are four seasons every year, right? They’re fairly predictable—winter, spring, summer, fall, repeat. Most things in life are evolving and changing, and that includes your LifeGroup. So, what can you do if your LifeGroup just isn’t the same anymore? It might take just a simple tweak, a total overhaul, or something in between.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can spice up your LifeGroup:

  1. Tweak the time or day of your meeting. Are your friends just not showing up anymore? Do they cancel because of kids’ soccer games or cheerleading practice? Maybe they have a work meeting or have just had a long day. Whatever the reason, if your friends keep canceling on LifeGroup, don’t take it personally! Maybe the time or day of your meeting just isn’t the best for everyone. Try suggesting some other options and see if there’s one that majority can agree on.
  2. Find new friends to join your LifeGroup. Sometimes you may just need to add new personalities to your group! Adding a new couple or a few new faces to a LifeGroup can really shake things up and bring a new dynamic. Don’t shy away from adding a few people. You never know how a new personality can grow your LifeGroup conversations!
  3. Add food. Everyone has to eat to stay alive, and most people really love food! Consider adding dinner or brunch to your LifeGroup rotation. You can have a meal together once a month just to chat about life. Meet at a restaurant or ask different people to cook a meal for the group. This is a great opportunity to be creative together!
  4. Engage in some out-of-the-box fun! LifeGroup doesn’t always have to be serious. People bond best in all different kinds of environments. If you want to bond with your LifeGroup, go out and do something fun! Try going to a movie, hosting a cookout, or even trying to break out of an Escape Room. Maybe engaging in a sport together is more your style. Whatever is fun for you, try doing it together as a group!
  5. Serve people in your community. Have you heard about our Local Mission Partners here at Life.Church? No matter what Life.Church location you’re a part of, there are several local organizations that your location partners with. Go to to find out more about the organizations that we partner with in your area! You never know what God can do in your midst when you come together as a team with the mission to serve others.

With a few simple tweaks, you can spice up your LifeGroup and help your group become even closer. So don’t look at your current group as a problem—see it as an opportunity to create an even better LifeGroup!