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How Do I Win During Small Group Activity Time?

by Amber Siany

Small Group Activity Time begins the life application part of Konnect—it’s when kids get to start doing something with all the information they’ve been given. Find out how you can keep it focused, relevant, and fun!

Watch This:
This video will give you tips for leading well through the Small Group Activity.

Check Out These Tips:
A Note About Small Group Activity Time
The purpose of Small Group Activity Time is to help every kid in your group feel involved as you work together through a fun activity. When you manage the activity well, kids will connect to each other and process the information they’ve learned in an active way so they’re ready to talk about it later. Winning at Small Group Activity Time will help your Small Group Discussion time be more authentic and engaging later on.


Keep It Fun

Clean It Up

Support Each Other

What if my group is too big or too small?

Talk It Over:
Now that you’ve watched a video and read a few tips, help the info stick! Talk over these questions with your experience coach or a LifeKids staff member. Share what you’ve learned with other leaders in Konnect!

  1. What challenges have you run into during Small Group Activity Time, or do you think you might run into? Talk to another experienced leader, a coach, or a staff member to brainstorm solutions.
  2. What advice could you share with other leaders to help them lead well through Small Group Activity Time?
  3. Talk about an activity that didn’t work well for your group.
  4. Share one of your favorite activities you’ve led through.

A special thank you to Orange and the reThink Group for their ideas and research on their “lead small” philosophy referenced in this article.