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How Do I Lead When We’re Just Watching a Video?

by Amber Siany

The middle part of Konnect is the teaching part—it’s all about introducing information. Let’s find out how you can lead small and lead effectively, even when you’re just watching a video!

Watch This:
This video will show you how to use the teaching part of Konnect to lead small.

Check Out These Tips:
A Note about the Teaching Part of Konnect
Kids are social learners—basically, they internalize and learn information when they are able to interact with other people. The following tips and tricks will help you leverage your small group as a social atmosphere where kids will be able to interact and better apply what they learn.

Point Konnection
This introduces the main idea kids will be focused on for the experience. Here’s how you can make it fun and effective.

Teaching Video
The teaching video can easily be seen as a time to “take a break,” but if you do that, your kids will do the same. Here’s how to keep everyone learning from the episode.

Verse Konnection
This is a recap of the episode’s teaching but it’s also an opportunity for kids to go over the Bible verse again. Here’s how to maximize this brief review.

Talk It Over:
Now that you’ve watched a video and read a few tips, help the info stick! Talk over these questions with your experience coach or a LifeKids staff member. Share what you’ve learned with other leaders in Konnect!

  1. While watching the Konnect episode, which behaviors do you think benefit kids in learning socially and which behaviors do you think become more distracting?
  2. What do you think maintains a healthy balance between encouraging social learning and discouraging distracting behaviors?
  3. What do you wish you could do better as a leader to encourage participation in your small group during the teaching part of Konnect? Ask an experienced leader or staff member for advice.

A special thank you to Orange and the reThink Group for their ideas and research on their “lead small” philosophy referenced in this article.