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Host Team Guide Training

by admin

Each time a new volunteer joins the Life.Church Online Host Team, we have the opportunity to share our team’s mission and culture with them, help them feel needed and known, and equip them with all they need to serve. That’s what the Host Team Guide role is all about! 👊🏼

💪🏼 You’d be an awesome Guide because you’re:

An experienced member of the Host Team with a strong understanding of our culture
Passionate about helping each volunteer have an excellent onboarding experience
A pro at providing both encouragement and constructive feedback with a caring heart
Skilled at communicating the why and the how to new team members

👥 As a Host Team Guide, you’ll:

Be assigned a brand new Host Team volunteer to train and onboard
Be that volunteer’s first friend and point of contact on the team
Talk them through our training content on a 1.5-hour video call

🖥 On that video call, you’ll:

Teach the new volunteer about Life.Church and Life.Church Online
Train them on the 3 main responsibilities of the Chat Host role
Give them an expertly guided tour of the Church Online site
Attend their first service with them, providing vision and feedback along the way

🌍 By serving in this role, you’ll help Life.Church Online:

Give each new volunteer an immediate personal connection on the team
Provide each volunteer with a personalized, practice-based training experience
Strengthen volunteer retention by setting every new team member up for success
Reach more people and see more people come to Christ than ever before!

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