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Everything LifeGroup Leaders Need to Know About Wild Life

In John 10:10 NIV, Jesus said,

      The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Jesus, the Son of God, and easily the most known and broadly respected man in world history, is saying there are basically two kinds of lives. First, there’s the empty life: always getting drained, taken from, and burned out. Second, there’s the full life: getting filled and refilled with humility, hope, and godly passion. Let’s be honest though, how many of us live the majority of our lives in the second category? How many of us are just trying to get through life? Jesus didn’t give up His perfect life just so we could manage to get through our worn out, overwhelmed one. He came so we could start really living.

Here’s everything you need to know to lead your Wild Life Men’s LifeGroup.

  1. If you can, go to the event with your men’s LifeGroup. But don’t just go, get involved in planning and invite, like, every man you know. This is Life.Church—you know it’ll be fun. One of the best parts of the event will be seven guys, just like you, talking through what it actually looks like to start really living.
  2. If you can’t go to the event, watch it together. Not every Life.Church campus will host an event. If your campus doesn’t host an event, you can still watch the event video together as a group here.
  3. Watch the videos, then answer the questions. We made this really simple. There’s no leader guide, notebook, or anything like that. Just watch each week’s video here or on the Life.Church app, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, YouTube, or Amazon Fire. Then, answer the questions at the end of each video. If you don’t have a way to watch videos together, see number 5.
  4. Once you start, keep it up. Sometimes not every guy will be able to make it every week. That’s okay—don’t cancel. Keep meeting and send each week’s video to the guys who missed.
  5. Read the Bible Plan together. Use the Plans with Friends feature in the YouVersion Bible App to read this year’s Wild Life Bible Plan. It’s such a powerful way to extend and reinforce the conversations and videos into your week. Some groups actually choose to primarily use the Bible Plan as the way they watch the videos each week. If you’re a group that meets somewhere without access to a large screen, or you’re a more active, sports-and-outdoors type of group, you can go through three days of the Bible Plan during each week, then just have some conversation when you get together.
  6. Do stuff. Most guys don’t just want to sit around and talk. Plan some fun into your group. It can be as epic and relaxing as a day on the lake or as simple as Cornhole in the backyard. Ask the guys in your group what they’d like to do together. Whatever you do, be safe.
  7. Be real. If you’re leading the group, guys will look for your cues to find out how safe and honest the conversation will be. So open up about some of your mistakes, struggles, and victories. Even if it’s happening right now.
  8. Invite new guys. Whether you’re starting a new group or using Wild Life with an existing one, now’s the perfect time to invite new guys. If you’re struggling to fill your LifeGroup, watch this video.
  9. Go through it. Don’t just lead your group through this content, go through it with them. Let God change you, slow you down, speak to you, love you, and make you come alive.
  10. Here’s what’s next. You’re done watching through all the videos, and you’ve finished the Bible Plan. Now what? We hoped you’d ask. We worked with men’s author and avid traveler Roger Thompson to create another series for men dedicated entirely to the five most important relationships in our lives.