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Bonus Resources for Your Collective Group

by Amber Siany

Ready to take your Collective group to the next level? Leaders, we’ve created some tips for you as you get ready to lead your group over the next few weeks. Simply click on the file and save the image to your camera roll to check out these tips and get exclusive Collective quotes.

Leader Tips:
Week 1 part 1
Week 1 part 2

Week 2 part 1
Week 2 part 2

Week 3 part 1
Week 3 part 2

Week 4 part 1
Week 4 part 2

Week 5 part 1
Week 5 part 2

We also wanted you to be able to share your favorite Collective quotes on social media. Download these quotes from every week and pass them on to your group. They make great wallpapers, too!

Collective Quotes:
Week 1 Quote 1
Week 1 Quote 2

Week 2 Quote 1
Week 2 Quote 2

Week 3 Quote 1
Week 3 Quote 2

Week 4 Quote 1
Week 4 Quote 2
Week 4 Quote 3

Week 5 Quote 1
Week 5 Quote 2

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