Why Should I Show Up for Huddle? - Life.Church Leaders

Why Should I Show Up for Huddle?

by Leaders.Life Team

It might be tempting to grab an extra cup of coffee in the lobby when you know the LifeKids huddle is starting, but when you miss huddle, you miss a lot.

Huddles matter! Watch this video and read below to see the purpose behind huddle time and find out how it equips you to be a better leader.

What is a LifeKids huddle?
Huddle is a brief meeting to gather the LifeKids team together before they step out to serve.

How does regularly attending LifeKids huddle equip you?

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team to see how huddle benefits you.

  1. Talk about a huddle you especially remember. What made it stand out?
  2. What do you think will benefit you most when you attend huddle?
  3. How do you think attending huddle consistently is more beneficial than attending irregularly or not at all?
  4. If you consistently miss huddle, what is holding you back? Talk about it, and find another leader or staff member to help you troubleshoot or hold you accountable to being there.