Why Does Consistency Really Matter? - Life.Church Leaders

Why Does Consistency Really Matter?

by Leaders.Life Team

What really brings kids and their families back week after week? They know that kids are going to have fun, be safe, and see a special leader they’ve connected with! Consistency impacts kids by building trusted relationships with them that show and teach them the love of God.

So—how do you build consistency? It’s a little more than showing up each week. Watch this video and read the tips below to see what you can do to build consistency that matters.

Here are some starting points to being a consistent small group leader.

Be consistent in your relationship with God.
Let God fill you up so you can find joy in leading and say goodbye to burnout—and so that you can lead kids to be planted at Life.Church because you’re planted at Life.Church!

Be consistent in serving.

Encourage kids and families to be consistent, too!
Consistency doesn’t just fall on us as leaders. Consistent attendance of families matters just as much for building relationships and discipling kids!

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team to see what you can do to improve your consistency and the consistency of attendance amongst kids and families.

  1. What do you think really matters about consistency as a small group leader?
  2. Which of the areas mentioned above are you great at doing consistently?
  3. Which area of consistency do you struggle with? Ask someone to hold you accountable so you can grow!
  4. How do you think your consistency impacts the consistency of kids and families?