Why Do I Need to Think About Safety? - Life.Church Leaders

Why Do I Need to Think About Safety?

by Leaders.Life Team

Why should safety be in the forefront of your mind while you’re serving? Shouldn’t we be focused on having fun and sharing Jesus’ love?

Here’s what it comes down to: Safety creates the environments where we can have fun and share Jesus’ love. Watch this video and read below to find out why safety matters.

Parents want to know their child will be safe when they leave them with us. And, even if they don’t often verbalize it, kids want to know they’re safe while they’re with us. LifeKids focuses on safety because safety builds trust with parents and kids. Trust brings parents back and helps kids feel loved and known in their small groups.

We have five non-negotiables in LifeKids to promise safety to kids and parents. That means we can tell parents that these five things will be true, no matter which service they attend or which campus they attend.

Two-Adult Policy
The two-adult policy provides accountability and security at all times. Here’s what the policy looks like.

Check-in and Check-out Policy
Our check-in and check-out policy helps parents know their kids will be in their LifeKids room and not wandering about unattended. It provides extra security for families who may be going through custody battles, foster kids, and in instances where parental rights have been terminated. Here’s what you need to know.

Food and Drink Policy
Allergies and choking are no joke. Our food and drink policy’s intent is to give parents peace of mind that their kids will be safe with us. Here’s how you can uphold the policy.

Restroom and Diaper Policy
The procedures we have surrounding restroom use ensure accountability for adult leaders, safety for kids, and security parents. Here’s what the policy looks like.

Mandatory Reporting
Report suspected or actual abuse to Life.Church staff.

Talk through these discussion questions with your fellow leaders and LifeKids team to see what you can do to consistently follow all LifeKids non-negotiables and keep kids safe.

  1. Which of the policies do you think are easiest to keep up with?
  2. If one of the policies is difficult for you to follow through with, talk it through with your coach or a LifeKids staff member to see what can hold you accountable.
  3. What do you think is most important about thinking through safety in LifeKids?
  4. How do you think offering a safe environment builds trust with parents and kids?
  5. If LifeKids didn’t focus on safety, how do you think that would affect our ability to have fun with the kids and share Jesus’ love with them?