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Who’s the Church?

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You’ve got a lot more sisters, brothers, and neighbors when you follow Jesus, because you’re a part of God’s big Church!


Week 1

August 3—4

Week 2

August 10—11

Week 3

August 17—18

Week 4

August 24—25

Weekly Theme

Body of Christ Brothers and Sisters So Many Neighbors Fishermen

Verse Motions

1 Corinthians 12:27 NIV 1 John 4:7 NIV Luke 10:27 NLT Mark 1:17 NIV

Worship Dance Motions

Jesus Is Alive Right Now
Get to Give
He Has Won
For Your Glory
Children of the Light
Who You Are
Greater Is He
Journey of a Lifetime
Children of the Light
Hey Me
My Life His Story
Children of the Light

YouVersion Bible Plan: Encourage kids to complete it at home.
We’re the Church

Emcee/Tech Guides: What to do, what to say, and when

Small Group Leader Guides: How to lead your small group through the Konnect experience

Motions for the Konnect Theme Song:

How You’re Changing Lives

From a Parent: “[It’s] such a huge honor and privilege that I got to lead both my boys in the prayer for salvation at home and then got to baptize them surrounded by our church family. Both conversations started after something they learned in LifeKids!”

Leader Notes

Heads Up
School starts for many kids this month, and soon after for many others! Kids may be excited or nervous and will definitely be experiencing a lot of changes to their routines.

Leader Tip: Follow Up
Kids have big prayer needs, and they want to know that you’re really praying for them! If a kid tells you they have a huge test coming up, their parents are fighting at home, or they have a super fun vacation to go on, pray for them in your small group, and then ask them about their prayer need the following week. Keep a little notebook if you need to or write notes on your smart phone. Writing a post card goes a long way, too! It’s a great way to partner with parents and to let kids know they’re loved.

Lead well no matter what challenges pop up each weekend. Find more tips, tricks, and training here.