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When The Devil Knocks

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Know The Series

He’s mastered shame and trademarked embarrassment. His lies wound, and his accusations sting. He’ll build up your pride just to throw you down. Yes, the devil is strong, but there’s one power he can’t beat—and it’s on your side. Learn how you and your LifeGroup can answer when the devil knocks. Start thinking about what you’ll do together during this series running October 28-November 13.

More About Pastor Craig’s Message

In this series, we’re going to get prepared to fight the daily battles we often don’t even know exist: the attempts by Satan to attack our mind with lies, our hearts with pride, and our souls with accusations. By the end of this series, our church will have two main takeaways: awareness that we have an enemy looking to take us out every day, and confidence that we have the tools to fight from victory instead of for it.

Talk It Over

LifeGroup leaders like you continue to get the most out of Pastor Craig’s messages by using the Talk It Over guide to find more key points, Scriptures, and follow up questions. The newest mobile-friendly Talk It Over guide is always available at www.life.church/talkitover. Or better yet, get it in your inbox weekly.

When The Devil Knocks Bible Plan

When the devil knocks, you don’t always hear it. Right? He’d rather sneak in an open door. He’s the deceiver, destroyer, and accuser who will do anything to cover up God’s love and truth. He didn’t want this Bible Plan written, and He definitely doesn’t want you or your LifeGroup to read it. But that’s another battle God will win.

5 When The Devil Knocks LifeGroup Ideas

  1. At the beginning and the end of the series, ask your group these three questions: Do you believe the devil is real? How do you think he impacts your life? How equipped do you feel to fight back?
  2. Definitely read the When the Devil Knocks Bible Plan. To make it simple for your group, try this. Ask them to read two days the first week, one day the second, and two days the third. Also, ask a different person, or a couple, to come each week ready to share how the message and Bible Plan worked together in their week.
  3. Either right before the series starts or soon after, ask your group to come ready to share a story about how they either felt attacked by the enemy or how they saw his power defeated in their life.
  4. Ask your group to take a free online Spiritual Gifts test. God gives each of us unique gifts to reveal His light and push back darkness in the world.
  5. s the devil real? Does it even matter? What are teens most afraid of? How do we overcome the enemy? Remind your LifeGroup to find answers to these questions and more at finds.life.church throughout this entire series.

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