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What Does Check Out Look Like?

Check Out is more than a procedure to keep kids safe. It’s an opportunity to show parents that Konnect isn’t just a fun place to play—it’s a place where their kid is known and loved! Here are tips to help you lead through Check Out like a pro!

Watch This:
This video will give you tips on Check Out procedures and partnering with parents:

Check Out These Tips:
Know Your Spot

Keep Small Groups Together

Partner with Parents

Talk It Out Dos and Don’ts

Talk It Over:
Now that you’ve watched a video and read a few tips, help the info stick! Talk over these questions with your experience coach or a LifeKids staff member. Share what you’ve learned with other leaders in Konnect!

  1. What questions do you have about Check Out time? Who can answer those questions for you?
  2. How do you think you partner well with parents during Check Out time? What could you do better?
  3. What tricks have you learned to keep kids focused during Check Out time?

A special thank you to Orange and the reThink Group for their ideas and research on their “lead small” philosophy referenced in this article.