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Watch Where You Sit

by Amber Siany

Watch Where You Sit for Your LifeGroup

Where you sit is important. Where you sit affects your soul, your emotions, and your relationship with God. God wants us to sit close to Him. He’s saved us seats—they have our names on them. We have a feeling your LifeGroup will be talking about this message for a while!

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Talk It Over

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Find a Bible Plan

Try this. Message your LifeGroup with four or five different Bible Plans and let the group decide which Bible Plan you read through together this week.

5 Watch Where You Sit LifeGroup Ideas

  1. This will be a great week to end the conversation in a time of prayer. Don’t just close in a “nice” prayer—pray with power and ask God to be at work in each person and situation in your group. Here’s what that might look like.
  2. Has your LifeGroup ever taken communion together? Has it been a while? Here’s a helpful guide for taking communion with your group.
  3. The best LifeGroups sometimes face the hardest questions together. Here are a few ideas for addressing tough topics.
  4. Ask your group if they’re keeping up their new habit of praying daily. If not, it’s not too late to start over!
  5. Search for helpful articles to share with your group about topics like anxiety, stress, addiction, parenting, and relationships.

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