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Under God

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Know The Series

What dominates the headlines doesn’t have to dominate our hearts. There’s only one name that can bring the world together, and you won’t find it on a ballot. Are you ready to discover the hope and freedom we’ve been given Under God?

From October 29 through November 20, Craig will cover these ideas.

Talk It Over

Listen, we understand that talking about anything that even smells political might sound scary (or worse) right now. So, we’ve made it simple. Just pick and choose what you need from our Talk It Over guide to fuel a healthy, natural conversation. Go take a look at www.life.church/talkitover. Or, get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Start the Under God? Bible Plan

We hope every LifeGroup will read this Bible Plan together. We’ve found the best conversation happens when everyone comes with insight to share. That’s exactly what happens when your whole group is engaged in a Bible Plan throughout the week. So, share the Under God? Bible Plan with your group and challenge them to read it during the series. (Coming 10/28) The plan is quite a bit shorter than the series, so it should be easy for everyone to complete.

Go Do It

If we want to change the world, we’ve got to start by changing our souls. Sometimes we can get more done in the prayer closet than we ever could in the polling booth. But that doesn’t mean we have to pick one over the other. Just because we’re called to not be “of the world” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t live in it. (John 17:15-16) And, just because God’s in charge doesn’t mean we get to sit back and see what happens. His sovereignty isn’t permission to chill; it’s an invitation to live a life of radical obedience. (1 John 2:6)

The next step of obedience will look different for everyone in your group. Actually, the next step won’t matter unless each person takes ownership, so we’ve got to be intentional about leading conversations inward. Ask questions like, “What can we change about ourselves to create change in this area?”

Be Inviting

There’s almost no one who isn’t feeling challenged, excited, daunted, or frustrated about these issues right now. Think of people you know who need the peace and clarity that will come with this series. Then, bring them with you.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.

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