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Know The Series

The Bible is full of wisdom. People love to quote their favorite verses to encourage and inspire each other—but sometimes, those verses get taken out of context. What happens when the most important message of all gets Twisted?

Craig will talk about these Scriptures:

Talk It Over

Whether you’re a first time Discussion Group leader or a long time LifeGroup leader, you’re not on your own! We work from Pastor Craig’s notes to write a brand-new discussion guide based on each week’s Twisted message at Come back each week to pick and choose the right questions for your group. Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

The Bible Plan

Why are you doing that? “Um, because I can do all things through Christ!” We love to quote our favorite verses to inspire each other—but sometimes, those verses get Twisted. This Bible Plan from Life.Church examines seven of the most butchered Bible verses. Start reading with your Discussion Group today and learn to live out God’s plans for you. Start the plan today.

Your Discussion Group

What’s the point of understanding Scripture if we don’t put it into action? Your Discussion Group is the perfect place for this kind of question. During Twisted, Craig will create weekly videos to help lead your group’s discussion. He’ll break the ice, get your group thinking, inspire you to share personally, and then call on you to take action. Use this series as an opportunity to discover how to practically apply Scripture to your life as a group. You’ll have a great coach and four weeks to practice.

You can access Pastor Craig’s weekly videos for your group on the Talk It Over guide, YouTube, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

Be Social

Are you looking to grow your Discussion Group? Go hang out in the Discussion Groups area at your campus before and after services. Also, invite people you know at work, in your community, and on social media.


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.