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True Worshipers

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Know The Series

We all worship something. A job, team, celebrity, a number in a bank account—what’s truly worthy of your devotion? Invite your LifeGroup to learn what it means to be true worshipers. Use this post to plan your next gathering during this new message running September 2-4.

Talk It Over

Use the Talk It Over guide to spur on conversation with your group. You’ll find key points, Scriptures, and follow-up questions. The mobile-friendly guide is always available at Or, get it in your inbox weekly.

Worship Bible Plans

You probably know Life.Church worship pastors write wonderful worship songs. But did you know there are Bible Plans to go with them? There are. Challenge your LifeGroup to start one, or a few.

5 True Worshipers LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Spend some time this week in quiet prayer with some worship music playing.
  2. Watch our worship pastors talk about worship These documentary style videos will encourage you and shift your perspective of worship.
  3. Create a worship playlist on your favorite music streaming app. Then, share it with your LifeGroup.
  4. Challenge your LifeGroup to list several ways they worship God each day. Include a few without music.
  5. Do a search in the Bible App for the word “worship,” then read through some of the Scripture you find.

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