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Trending Truth

Know The Series

Think 30-Second Theology meets the best of Facebook and YouTube videos. A viral video delivers a concentrated dose of heartbreak, inspiration, or gut-busting laughter. And you might even find a nugget of wisdom at its core. Wondering what we mean? Don’t let your LifeGroup miss Trending Truth!

Talk It Over

Trending Truth will be a ton of fun, but also crazy-full of biblical truth. There isn’t a moment that can’t lead to life-altering conversation in your LifeGroup. So, we’re providing you with plenty of discussion questions, Scriptures, and more at Pick and choose the right questions for your group. Or, sign up today to get the Talk It Over emailed to you weekly.

Read the Trending Truth Bible Plan Together

This message won’t be archived at, but there’s another way to re-watch your favorite clips. Beginning on 10/06/2015, you can start the Bible Plan with your group and bring Trending Truth into your week.

You’ve Got This

Laughter is like medicine. That’s not just a good idea, that’s truth from the Bible. As someone who is leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ, you probably feel the weight of people in your LifeGroup. You care about their journey to discover the depths of God’s love and truth for their lives. You know what? Sometimes you need to just laugh together. Here’s a super quick list of outside-the-box ideas for LifeGroup this week.

  1.  Ask everyone to bring their favorite viral video. Watch them all, laugh real hard together, and look for the truths in each video.
  2. Re-watch the videos from Trending Truth by using the Bible Plan.
  3. Ask everyone in your group to come with a simple story of a time where they found God’s truth outside of the Bible or church. Spend time sharing each story and focus on the importance of discovering and sharing God’s truth all throughout our lives.

Be Inviting

This is absolutely one of the best weeks to invite people to church. Stop reading right now and invite someone. Why are you still reading? Still need to be convinced? Who doesn’t love binge watching funny videos? Okay, now add God’s truth and Craig’s preaching to that little recipe. BAM! Just do it. Invite away!


Series promos, message excerpts, and more are available at the Life.Church YouTube Channel.