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Trending Truth

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Know the Series

Your favorite viral videos might have more to say. You can only catch this special message this week at Life.Church—check out Trending Truth at your location or Church Online!

It’s a great week to invite friends! This series runs October 6-8.

Talk It Over

Get the most out of Trending Truth by using the Talk It Over guide to find key points, Scriptures, and inspiring challenges. The mobile-friendly Talk It Over guide is always available at, in your inbox weekly, or in the Life.Church app.

Find a Bible Plan

Use this one-week series as an opportunity to let your group pick a Bible Plan to read together using the Plans with Friends feature.

5 Trending Truth LifeGroup Ideas

  1. Text your LifeGroup right after the message and ask them to come prepared to talk about which video impacted them most and why.
  2. Next time you meet, pray a popcorn prayer. You start, pick someone else to close, and ask whoever wants to in your group to pray in between. It’s faith-building when we pray out loud together.
  3. Learn more about what it might look like to pray together as a group.
  4. Ask your group to search and pick a post that speaks to them and then share it with the group.
  5. Ask your group this question: “What do you think God’s been doing in your life this week?”

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